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Oregon Animal Shelter - making a difference for animals in need

a Cage Free, No-Kill Shelter & Sanctuary for animals that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned

an Adoption Center finding loving homes for all types of animals

a Hospice for chronically or terminally ill animals to live out their lives in comfort


At the time we rescued Misty back on December 24th 2012, she was pregnant and starving to death, and already 25 years old. The pasture she was in had been eaten down to nothing, and there was no shelter for her to get in out of the weather. The vet who examined her didn’t think she would survive the birthing, or that the baby would be born alive. Well...the vet was wrong ! Misty survived and gave us a beautiful baby boy who we named Lucky, because he was lucky to be born alive.

Misty is now 28 years old, (that would be 88 in human years) and has a multitude of health issues. She was injured by a stud before we rescued her, so she has problems walking, (she cant run at all) and she has severe arthritis, so she has to be on pain medicine (Bute) twice a day. Misty has to be on special food and special supplements to keep her going....but she continues to lose weight. Misty struggles to get up after she sleeps in her stall, and has stumbled getting up and cut herself more than a few times, so we made some special foam rubber pads to line her stall walls to keep her from hurting herself when she tries to get up.

Now the vet wants to put her on omeprazole to protect her stomach, and run blood tests to see what other issues she may have.

The costs are enormous, and are taxing our budget to feed the 6 other horses we rescued.


100% of your donations will go directly to helping animals - none of our board members or volunteers receive compensation of any kind

Tax exempt 501(c)(3) Status has been granted by the IRS- your donations are tax deductable - Our Federal Tax ID is 45-5564022

Horses for Sale/Adoption

We have 3 beautiful horses that need good loving forever homes

Click on the pictues below for more info

Angels do exist:






Just look at the truckload of donations

Natalie Swift, Large Group Associate Account Manager at Montgomery and Graham is an angel. Natalie started a pet food drive at her place of work and her and Jack brought it down to us on Saturday May 31st. We cant thank them enough. And thanks to all the great people who made donations. All our animals thank you too. As a non profit No-Kill Animal Shelter and Sanctuary we are constantly in need of donations to help us keep our animals healthy and happy....... Natalie, you are truly an angel.

Natalies Web Page is at http://www.mgbenefits.com/montgomery-graham-team/client-care-manager-natalie-swift

Update: Saturday July 5th Natalie brought us another load of stuff; this time is was supplies and medicines to help us care for our horses. Thanks again Natalie......yes you are an angel !

Helping Horses - click here for pictures of these beautiful animals

December 2012 - A local resident named Alexis, noticed 4 horses who were starving to death out in a muddy field with very little grass and no shelter. To make matters worse, 2 of the horses were pregnant mares. When the vet first examined the horses it was thought that the oldest pregnat mare would probably die during birth and doubted the foal would be born alive. Alexis was kind enough to rescue the horses and give them a nice warm and dry place to live along with proper feed and vet care. Thanks to Alexis' hard work and financial sacrifices the 2 pregnant maes had succesful births and all the horses are now happy and healthy. Oregon Animal Shelter has been happy to make several generous donations to Alexis to help her care for these beautiful animals....... Wont you help too ?


We lost a friend:

Our friend JT passed away on June 13th 2014.

JT helped us with our horses every sunday for over a year.

He loved those horses and they loved him. He will be missed.



Scruffy's Story

You couldn't tell by looking at him now, but when we first found Scruffy he was near death. A family in a rental home had moved, and they just left Scruffy behind to fend for himself. After a terrible fight with a raccoon over cat food a neighbor had left out overnight, Scruffy had terrible gashes that were severely infected and required surgery and a stent placed in his chest to drain off the infection. After a few months of tender loving care and lots of food, Scruffy has now nearly doubled his weight, and is one of the most beautiful white cats we have ever seen. You can help other animals in just as much need as Scruffy was....wont you open up your heart and please help....UPDATE - SCRUFFY PASSED AWAY RECENTLY DUE TO AN AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE - R.I.P. SCRUFFY - WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU

An old man had a habit of early morning walks on the beach. One day, after a storm, he saw a human figure in the distance moving like a dancer. As he came closer he saw that it was a young woman and she was not dancing but was reaching down to the sand, picking up a starfish and very gently throwing them into the ocean."Young lady," he asked, "Why are you throwing starfish into the ocean?" She replied: "The sun is up, and the tide is going out, and if I do not throw them in they will die.""But young lady, do you not realize that there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it? You cannot possibly make a difference." The young woman listened politely, paused and then bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it into the sea, past the breaking waves, saying, "It made a difference for that one." - Original Story by Loren Eiseley


Please Help make a difference for animals in need

We are the OREGON ANIMAL SHELTER, and we need your help to build a cage free, no kill, animal shelter, hospice, and adoption center in Tillamook County, Oregon for animals who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned.....wont you please help us make a difference for animals in need

Tax exempt 501c3 Status has been granted by the IRS- your donations are tax deductable - Our Federal Tax ID is 45-5564022

Oregon Animal Abandonment Law ORS:167.340. Animal abandonment (1) A person commits the crime of animal abandonment if the person intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or with criminal negligence leaves a domestic animal or an equine at a location without providing minimum care. (2) It is no defense to the crime defined in subsection (1) of this section that the defendant abandoned the animal at or near an animal shelter, veterinary clinic or other place of shelter if the defendant did not make reasonable arrangements for the care of the animal. (3) Animal abandonment is a Class B misdemeanor. Class B Misdemeanor - Maximum Penalty is 6 months in jail and a $2500.00 fine

Raccoon Problems Leaving cat or dog food outside can attract Raccoons which can spread disease to your pets. While not common here on the West Coast, some Raccoons can carry Rabies. Also, some raccoons can get aggressive and kill or injure your pets or even attack humans when cornered. Never leave your pet food outside at night where raccoons can get at it. And raccoons, don't always limit themselves to visiting at night. When hungry, some raccoons will even visit during the middle of the day. If you notice that suddenly, all your pets food has disappeared, it may be a raccoon.

Animal Cruelty Statistics: Each year, 10,000 Pit bull dogs die in dog fighting. Women in abusive relationships often don't leave their abuser because they worry what will happen to their pet if they leave. 13% of animal abuse also involves domestic violence. 70% of animal abusers also have records of other crimes. 3 to 4 million cats and dogs (young, healthy and adoptable) are euthanized every year in shelters.


Letter to State Senator Bruce Starr ......while doing some research I ran across this article about Oregon's Animal Abuse Laws http://www.oregonlive.com/pets/index.ssf/2010/02/pet_talk_oregons_animal-abuse.html The gist of the article states that while Oregon does have some of the best animal abuse laws in the nation, the fact is that the sentencing guidelines fall far short of handing out the proper punishments to animal abusers. Hopefully this is an issue you can help bring to the publics and state legislatures attention, and I hope you will be able to do something to change the sentencing guidelines to provide much tougher sentences to those who abuse animals. Sincerely, Mark Hannah - Executive Director and Founder Oregon Animal Shelter


Established June 2012 we are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping animals in need

100% of your donations will go directly to helping animals - none of our board members or volunteers receive compensation of any kind

Tax exempt 501(c)(3) Status has been granted by the IRS- your donations are tax deductable - Our Federal Tax ID is 45-5564022

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